My Gear


For Photography and Video

Canon 1Dx DSLR Camera 

The Canon 1Dx is far and away my number one recommended  camera, and has best bodies Canon has put out in the last decade and is easily the most popular workhorse camera for pros around the world. User interface is quick and simple to navigate, the screen is crystal clear and sharp for using live view, and 18 mpix and 14 shoots per second has you more than covered for most realistic printing and sports applications.

Apple iPad mini

In short, it's the perfect size for handholding while I'm busy adjusting other equipment and settings. I really like the seamless integration with camranger that lets me work quickly and very efficiently.


In essence, wireless tethering. In practice, so, so much more. Style a room, adjust light power, adjust camera settings, light multiple parts of a room, view your work on a large screen. All wirelessly. All without going back and forth to a camera. All without lugging a laptop around. I love this thing.

27" iMac

Well... to get straight to the point, I am an apple whore. I've just gotten so fast with mac's seamless integration between devices. It never freezes. No dreaded BSOD. And I love being able to work from a large screen when editing photos.

Adobe Photoshop 

Simply a must have. The creative options that it affords are still second to none. Layers, brushes, adjustments, color corrections, compositing. The caveat here is that it can be a real burden to learn. If you have no Photoshop experience, I would start out with just Aperture or Lightroom, which I mention below.


3CCD camera in professional 2/3  HD format for broadcasting with HD-SDI outputs.

Vinten Vision Tripod

Monitor HD

HDMI to HD-SDI Converter

Other Random Stuff

Some Type of Musical Instrument 

I grew up playing guitar, bass, and whatever I could get my hands on. I don't get to play nearly as much as I should due to my curmudgeon neighbors, but get me talking about theramins and pump organs and I'll never shut up.


Nothing like getting out on the road with no computers, no cell phone, no distractions. A great way to get away from it all in a chaotic city like Doha.

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